Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I don't even know where to begin.

Oh...but wait, I do. This is where --

I never do anything without passion, without purpose, without an urge. And right now, I just know I have to get this all down in words, because words is the only way I can come close to describing my feelings today and I need to remember this for myself, maybe not forever, but for one of those days when life feels void of something and everything and nothing.

I can't remember the last time I got enough sleep. I don't know if I ate that donut yesterday morning or this morning. I might have skipped my shower two days in a row. And I have yet to pay my rent, which was due two days ago.

I am bewitched.

Charmed, perhaps.

Or rather, infatuated.


Not by a person, but by the subject of art; in my world, fashion. But I hate that word, fashion. Only a few select really understand that word, that world. The rest know it only by its superficiality although it has absolutely nothing to do with it in essence. But that's another story.

Today was the most exhilarating day of my career. Today, I was given full control over a major look book photo-shoot at an outerwear company I work at called SNOWMAN New York. From finding the models, make-up artists to styling and everything else in between, I got to direct the entire thing. Pressure is where I become alive and creation is where I breathe. I certainly didn't mind bossing everyone around for the day.

I was so high. I didn't need anything or anyone at that moment but making my imaginations come to life. Because for that split moment, I forgot everything but this instant right before my eyes. It was like an intense laser zoom focused on one point and everything else was blurred to nonexistence. And the moment the shoot ended, I needed it to happen all over again. Addiction.

But frankly, I was more in awe of my desires coming to life.

I have endless lists with endless categories of desires. One of those categories of those lists is people I want to know or work with.

Karl Lagerfeld being, of course, at the top of the list.
Carine Roitfeld a step ahead of Anna Wintour.
Olivier Rousteing following close behind; no one can resist those dimples although he seems quite neurotic. And Caroline de Maigret, too. Something about the French is so irresistible although I never seem to get along with those pompous things. A sub-category of that list holds a group of models I want to meet. And can you believe I met one from my list today?

Tiana Zarlin. Ever since I saw her on the show, "The Face," I wanted to work with her. Her elegance and grace would make any outfit sublime. And she listens, which is most important trait for this industry. Perhaps I'm being much too favorable because she is part Korean and German, like me. But no matter.

But it's funny when you meet someone well-known. They are normal. Almost too normal. Then I immediately find them a bit of a bore. But no matter. I hardly know them. I also saw Jonah Hill today during the shoot in Soho. He looked like any other fat man I know. But no matter.

The model and I talked and it was absolutely bizarre because I used to wonder what I would say if I ever ran into her. Instead, I spent eight hours with her: talking, dressing, freezing in the cold, mostly working. Bizarre, I knew I was at the right moment at the right place with the right people. Bizarre.

A few weeks ago, I went in for an interview at InStyle Magazine. I wanted the job only to possess, not to be possessed by -- a reminder of the slight greed in me for possessions. The lack of creativity would suffocate me to insanity, of course. But I could deal for a bit, I kept telling myself, for the sake of possessing.

I didn't get the job. They said I was over-qualified. They kept asking me why I would leave my current job to do such menial tasks. They kept probing and probing. I suppose my answer wasn't plausible. Well, I didn't want to leave my current job. I was only just beginning to be fond of it. Guess I'm not the best liar. Over qualification? Bullshit. That is the corporate's way of rejection. Bull to the shit. Anyhow, I kept telling myself that money and title is worthless without passion.

But I know why I didn't get the job. I wouldn't be feeling this. I wouldn't be writing this! Imagine living a life of numbness, being paralyzed and stupefied. How dull! I'd rather face death.

But it doesn't stop there, it doesn't stop today. So many more things to come. Tomorrow, I am working with someone I've ran into on the street once. I've thought of our encounter many times and never did I imagine we'd be working together...or perhaps I did, in my dream.

Sweet dreams.

Tiana Zarlin on the right. 

The whole shoot was to incorporate A/W 15/16 trends into the shoot without overpowering the coats,
which was the focal point. Suede, oxblood (or whatever the hell they call it each season), patent leather, squared toed shoes are very "in". 

The right outfit, that is a slit pencil skirt, not trousers, with a long turtle neck dress and white blouse. It's all about layers!

Beanies are always "in" in the winter. But this season, amp up the color & change the texture to: WOOL.
This is a really awkward outerwear to style. Not light enough for spring but heavy enough for winter.
The short sleeves doesn't make it a great piece for layering. Best to layer a long-sleeve turtleneck to show more texture. Oh, platform shoes are going to be huge for spring, especially platform loafers and sandals. 

For SS16, white on white on white + loads of shiny silver.
Classic Parisian look.
Styled over 50 looks. Much more to come soon...Stay tuned!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Minimal Perfection

I've been dreaming of this outfit for weeks. 

I woke up this morning and really missed my dark, diabolical side.

So I decided to document some of my favorite things, 

While dealing with the 85 degrees NYC heat in black n' leather,

And painfully breaking into my new 5.25 inch I-Wish-They-Were-Rick-Owens shoes,

Which were all completely worth it,

Because my outfit was --

Definitely better than yours today.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Nothing says "American" more than stripes, red, white and blue.
I wore this combo on Memorial Day.
But I think this looks good any day, on anyone.
It's classic & you can never go wrong with red lips.
It was blazing hot that day, so I didn't dare wear jeans.
Instead, I opted for a flowy pleated skirt -- easy, breezy (beautiful).

The only disappointing part of Memorial Day was no one was dressed up --
except for my friend and me.
She wore blue lips & I wore red.
Two Asian girls wearing stripes, red, white and blue...
A+ for the spirit, right?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Lost & Found

There comes a time when things get lost and forgotten.
Then there also comes a time when things get found and remembered.
Such is this montage of a styling shoot that I did that got published in Jute Magazine --
A year or more ago.
How quickly time flies and how much I've changed!
I miss this phase...but I have better things yet to come.
Stay tuned and enjoy this in the meantime.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

W E L C O M E to the D A R K S I D E

Embracing the hazy skylines and evaporating temperatures with some devilish lipstick.

"Black Dahlia" OCC Liptar

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I really like black -- can you tell?
I could write an essay about it, except no one has time for that.
But black begets power. 
Proof lies in the greatest people who knew what they were doing. 
Coco Chanel for one,
Audrey Hepburn for two,
Could throw in the Lagerfeld for three. 
Oh wait, can't forget New Yorkers now, can we? -- 
The ones who don't do the hipster thing, of course.
But I could just be biased. 
Because I really love New York City -- 
Can you tell? 

Photography by Kristi Lin

Saturday, June 21, 2014


If there's one outfit that screams "CRYSTAL!" it must be this one.
Leather. Jumpsuit. Sheer. Black. 
That's what I live for. 
It's dark, masculine, edgy, and most of all -- feminine. 
Form-fitted with an occasional glimpse of the black brassiere, it exudes sexuality and sensuality. And of course, red lips never fail to seduce. 
Simplicity in form. Intricacy in texture. J'adore.

Photography by Ankit Rauniyar
For free photo-shoots: highway_rider@hotmail.com